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If you are actually a first-time buyer who has found a great home in Manchester but lacks conveyancing solicitors skills, don’t panic! Perhaps you are afraid to embark on investment because you don’t want to lose in the long run. Although these issues and more brings anxiety, we are here to help. Our team of competent conveyancing solicitors in Manchester ensure your transaction is as smooth as possible.

We have twenty years in the conveyancing industry with ample experience in everything related to documentation and transactions. Our team of certified staff surpass fifty, and we have been satisfying customers since inception. We also offer practical advice on every legitimate facet of buying and selling a property; a house, office, or land. We always guide through the many confusing processes that come next.

The Process We Follow

We at Manchester conveyancing solicitors discuss and realise every buying and selling transaction of your property. However, we follow three stages to ensure we deliver. They are:

  • Contract:The first step is to study the draft contract in detail; this is what vital conveyancing solicitors Manchester do; examine the contract properly. Moving forward, we highlight areas that need further investigation.
  • Property Searches: Sometimes, there are adverse reports on a property listed for sale in the public market. The property is likely built on a flood plain, sits in a conservation area, or has restricted planning permissions. After completing these searches, we will be in a solid position to negotiate. Or, we may consider not to proceed with the buyer due to the issues detected.
  • Completion: We finalise the process after completion by exchanging the deeds, paying stamp duty, and registering the change of ownership with the land registry.

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If you are ready to hire our service for a fair contract, research and completion of your transaction, contact us.

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